Anticipation is the Key to a Happy Life

I thought I was safe, but my life was all about surviving my day instead of thriving in my life.

by our founder Ann Ferguson

I love the feeling of anticipation. I used to hate it. It felt too much like anxiety in my body so I squashed it. I used to pridefully say that I didn't get excited about anything. I truly believed that if I could temper my excitement then I was emotionally sound. The truth is, I was afraid to feel any excitement or joy because it meant that without warning, the rug would get pulled out from under me and the fall would be too painful to bear. I was numb. I thought I was safe, but my life was all about surviving my day instead of thriving in my life.

Joy was impossible. Being numb was doable and comfortable.

I have discovered a really simple thing that helped me shift from empty numbness to fully embracing a happy life.

Practice Makes Progress

I practice leaning into anticipation. I found out that it is less scary and easier to do if it isn't big or important. For instance, I can look forward and anticipate what it will feel like when I step out of the shower after a workout. I can look forward and anticipate a delicious nutrition peach mango/strawberry shake to start out my morning. I can look forward to finishing up my work for the day and sitting for a few moments with my son or husband.

I have found the power of looking for and leaning into these little moments. It helps me not feel stuck.

It helps me experience joy when I find myself in the moments of the anticipated event no matter how simple or small the event is. What's really cool is that by doing this I have trained myself to be excited about life again.

Today, there is something big and exciting happening and I'm not there to be a part of it. In the past I would have walked through this day feeling frustrated and left out because I'm not there. Today, I am buzzing with excited anticipation. You see, I'm really looking forward to the phone call I'm going to get. My friend is going to be full of excitement as she relates to me all that happened. I can feel happy butterflies of anticipation in my stomach instead of the heaviness of isolation.

My joy is a choice. Today I chose to pray for those who are where I want to be. I chose to pray for their success, and today I am anticipating really great things happening for them. It is so fun! This is such a gift to know how to do.

I want to share what I know how to do with the world! That's what Joyful Heart Mastery … is all about. I share the tools I have learned and the shifts in perspective that I have made so that we can all experience increased joy! This is my greatest passion in life!

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